Teacher for 2022-23   Amy Owen

Teaching Assistants – Lyndsey, Jane and Gemma

Personal Support Worker – Yasmeen


For our Literacy topic, we have been learning the repetitive phrases from ‘Don’t Put Your Finger in the Jelly, Nelly!’. We love the silliness of the rhyme and we have been repeating the repetitive phrases. 

We hope you enjoy our performance video.

In Ladybird class, we have been thinking about special people and how we can be a good friend like the people we have explored. 

We took turns to say nice things to our friends, using some of the words that we chose as good qualities. Then we used these words to make a poster to share with others on how to be a good friend.

It was a really lovely session and the children were all very happy with their compliments. 

Can you spot what the Ladybirds saw through their ‘talking windows’? Some of the children went for an extra challenge and started to use words to describe the things they could see. We also talked about which category things fit into. Isaac said he saw a “red car and it’s shiny” and we talked about how a car is a type of transport. 

In Science ladybird class have been looking at the human body. Wee drew around each other and labelled different parts of the body and tried to draw the different parts. We then designed our own Mr Potato Heads placing the parts of the body in the correct place.

We have spent lots of time getting to know each other and learning new routines. We asked the children their favourite things from the first few weeks. They said:

  • Travis enjoyed walking around school on our listening walk. His favourite sound was the phone ringing.
  • Bobby said his favourite session is swimming. He likes playing in the swimming pool and splashing.
  • Daniel likes riding the bike outside with his friends. 
  • Clark said he likes doing jobs like getting milk from the fridge. 
  • Jacob enjoys soft play and moving the balls in the ball pit. 
  • Indiana likes to play with the dolls house. She likes to move the characters around.
  • Kaiser likes counting and exploring different numbers.
  • Patrick said he likes the field with Ben. He likes getting messy and jumping in the puddles. 
  • Millie enjoys reading the stories in class. She likes the dog book the best.
  • Noel likes soft play and spending time with his friends. 
  • Isaac said he likes school dinner and his favourite food were the sausages.

Remote Learning

If your child is unable to come to school then please find below home learning activities that are linked to our learning in class.

 Can your child move high like a giraffe or low like a snake? Use this video below to think about different ways the body can move. Can your child think of any other ways to move?

Your child is learning about noises and being able to spot different noises. A song that the children love is the tricky word song and it is very catchy. 

Reading is very important to us in Ladybird class. Try a visit to the library or read any books that you have around the house that your child is interested in. Could they re-enact the story or tell you their favourite character or section?

Have a look through our pictures gallery: 

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