Specialist Outreach Service

Delamere School Outreach Service

Following a referral to our specialist SEN Outreach Team at Delamere School, arrangements will be made with you to make an initial observation visit to your setting.

Subsequent support may include;

Level 1 SEN Support Package

Cost £600

  •  Full advisory report provided to include specific SEN guidance around the child.
  • Training for staff around the child.
  • Resource provision as appropriate.

Level 2 SEN Support Package

Cost to be agreed dependant on time required

  • Inreach opportunities available for staff in your setting at Delamere School.
  • Support staff & setting in devising a detailed programme of intervention.

Training & Development

Opportunities to join routine training at Delamere as appropriate in range of areas;

  • Visual communication strategies
  • Sensory Integration
  •  Positive behaviour management
  • Multi-sensory learning
  • (£25 per session attended)

Bespoke training tailored to individual school / setting needs.

  • £200 Twilight session
  • £300-£500 Half day (depending on number of trainers required)
  • £600-£1,000 Full day (depending on number trainers required)

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