Class Teacher 22-23 – Sheila Symons

Teaching Assistants –  Ellie, Rabina, Ruth and Lisa

Personal Support Worker –  Vickki

Ellie – Picture coming soon



Owl Class have been exploring 3d art. We explored shredded paper, added water to make it a pulp and then blended it in the food processor. We squeezed the water out to make pulp and created a heart using a mould. Wildflower seeds were added and the heart and it was given as a present for mothers day! This has been a great way of exploring and developing hand and finger strength with different textures and consistencies of the media. A present that will grow with love! 

Activity Ideas for Remote Learning

Sensology at home

Make a transient art picture using different media. Go on a hunt in the garden / park for natural objects, explore the different textures and put them together to make different pictures. Have a go with different household objects and items.

Sensory exploration is a great way to stretch, strengthen and extend range of arm movement. Some ideas include;

Make some playdough, explore the ingredients, encourage mixing at different stages and then play with the playdough. Try different actions to different music or you can follow (adapt) some of the videos on youtube:

  • Get messy and explore shaving foam, try adding different tactile objects or toys to find in the foam. This can be done in cornflour gloop, custard, spaghetti, anything goes!!!
  • There is a booklet of different recipes for different media enclosed.
  • Practise tracking and reaching. Use some favourite toys and items. Can your child locate them either by reaching out and feeling them, listening and locating, tracking the movement left to right / up and down. This is great for gross motor, head control, cognition and also helps with communication skills.
  • Get physical and get moving. Use your favourite songs (different tempos and styles are best) get out on the floor and support your child in different movements in time to and as an interpretation of the music e.g. rolling, bouncing, tapping, arm movements, bending and straightening legs etc. Encourage your child to move independently where they can. Make your own mini disco.
  • Technology. Use your tablet, computer, smart TV, phone (whatever you have available) to access some different motivation songs, stories and games. Below is a link to some different websites you can try. (some may require you to register, but registration is free to access some of the resources)
  • You can access a free trial of Snap Core First which is the electronic communication tool. You can tailor the options for choice between 2 symbols (pictures can also be copied in)

This is available to print below



As part of children’s mental health week the children in Owl class have taken part in a range of activities to help improve and promote good mental health and wellbeing

Circus Day

Owl Class have really enjoyed immersing themselves in a day at the circus. The children have played carnival games, recreated circus acts under the classroom big top and even had a go at some circus skills.

Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has the right to rest and leisure, to engage in play and recreational activities appropriate to the age of the child and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts.

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