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Latest results 2020-21:

Parent Comments:

My child loves going to school, he feels a strong sense of belonging there. ALL the staff at Delamere are very welcoming and fully understand my child needs. My child feels happy, contented and safe at the school. His confidence has grown since going to nursery.  He smiles and pays attention every time I mention the teacher’s names. All the school staff do a fantastic job with all the children there!  Delamere School is a very special environment that any child would love to be in!  It is full of hope and positivity which makes the children that attend there reach their full potential. A great school indeed!

My Daughters experience at the school has been transformative. She is treated with warmth, kindness, respect and good humour, which has helped her flourish. She enjoys the challenge and the fun, and you couldn’t ask for more.

We are thrilled with my child’s development, he has made so much progress since attending nursery, he is a happy and engaging little boy and that purely down to all the staff and time spent learning. We are looking forward to his new journey into reception class.

I absolutely love the school. my Daughter has grown in confidence in the last year. especially with other staff members and being around/in water. I have attended a couple of courses in person and on zoom. I would like to attend more. Thank you to all the staff. Staff are amazing and great communication

Parent Questionnaires during Covid-19 Pandemic

As part of the annual review process we ask parents for any comments they would like to make.

Here are just some of the things they had to say:

“The school is fantastic and my little boy is making good progress. I am so pleased that I have got my son into a very good school. I can see he has come on since starting Nursery; such a proud mummy. Thanks you.”

“The teacher has a clear understanding of my child’s needs and abilities. She is always keen to listen to us. By working jointly, in this way, we are ensuring my child receives a rich and varied curriculum.”

“We are happy with the progress our child has made and it’s obvious that he loves to be at school.”

“Our child is very settled at school most of the time and is engaged in plenty of activities. Staff manage him very well and understand fully his complex needs.”

“I wish to praise and encourage all the staff within class…I am truly grateful that the staff have taken time to consult with me to ensure that home school continuity is met.”

“Thank you for all you do with our child and us, with information and support.”

“Although the teacher has only been teaching my child for a short time, I am really impressed with the time and effort she has put in with him and the way she has got to know him and understand him so quickly.”

“We are very pleased with our child’s progress and he seems very happy at Delamere. We would like to thank the Delamere staff for their dedication and support.”

“Our child has made a huge improvement. I was happy to read his progress report. He is progressing into a very confident little boy.”

“Just to appreciate all the efforts made with my child, especially when his behaviour is a bit challenging. For being patient with him, but mostly for the wide range of physical/ outside activities he does as per the time table. He really seems to enjoy everything and loves all the activities that are planned for him. Thank you so much!”

“We would like to thank the teacher and the team for their continued dedication and hard work in encouraging our child’s development. It has been extremely reassuring, particularly in recent months with the changes she has experienced, knowing that she has such support and encouragement. She is very settled and happy in her class. Thank you.”

“We are delighted with the communication between home and school…We are extremely impressed with our child’s development and are delighted that he is enjoying school. He often tells us ‘school good’ and clutches his certificates proudly to show us.”

“I would like to thank you all for all the effort and hard work that you put into helping my child achieve his learning targets and for making his days at school happy and enjoyable.”

“We have seen in such a short space of time some exciting progress in our child’s development. He loves school and we only have to mention names of teachers and peers and he gets excited. We are happy knowing that he is happy and safe.”

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Transition Process Feedback:

The transition process for our pupils moving to high school is really important to us, we like to gain feedback from our Year 6 parents before they leave us. We review this feedback each year to make sure we are continuing to  improve the transition process for our pupils and their families.

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