Partnerships with external agencies

At Delamere it is important to develop relationships with outside agencies in order to enhance our pupils’ experiences and provide relevant, exciting and challenging projects.  Raising cultural engagement in this way is vital for our children to truly understand what is possible and available in their local community

It was important to maintain these relationships even during the challenge of lockdown.  In 2021 some children were given the opportunity to make some clay dishes from Clay studio in Hulme. The children followed a guide to create the dishes, chose their glaze and then we sent it back to the studio to be fired. The dishes were returned and the results were beautiful! Thank you @claystudiomcr for this great opportunity for our children.

Article 23 – if you are disabled you have the right to special care and education to help you develop and lead a full life

Venture Arts

May 2022 – We have started a 10 weeks schools project with Venture Arts – a visual arts charity in Hulme that supports and promotes learning disabled artists. We are collaborating with their artists on a 10 week programme with 4 of our pupils. Click here to discover more of the fantastic work Venture Arts get up to on their website.  The project focusses on the theme of food, colour and having fun whilst using a variety of mixed media and working alongside a learning disabled artist and an artist faciltator. 

As well as this project last year 6 pupils started up an ‘artist box project’ in partnership with Venture Arts.  We worked with artist Dominic who makes and exhibits clay weasels. We watched a series of videos and followed a programme to make our very own weasels and then added them to his ‘army’.  At the end of the process we were hoping to meet Dominic face to face and show him all our creations however Covid restrictions prevented this.  Children still managed to gain enjoyment from the project and were thrilled to take their very own weasel sculpture home with them!

The Whitworth Gallery

Over the past years several groups have visited The Whitworth art gallery. We have attended art workshops there ranging from animation, light and dark and natural art. Visiting the gallery ensures our students experience an inspirational space as well as new ideas and ways of thinking. We hope to continue building on this relationship with the Whitworth over the coming years and also look at ways to access other local galleries like the Manchester Art gallery in order to fully utilise what our local community has on offer. Follow The Whitworth Gallery and The Manchester Art Gallery website links to get inspired!


DIY theatre and Bamboozle theatre company have visited Delamere regularly over the years bringing us exciting, inclusive theatre shows. Our children and staff always get immersed in the magic of these shows. Theatre and drama can support our pupils’ confidence, communication and imagination. Follow this DIY theatre link and this Bamboozle link to explore both organisation websites. 

Our most recent theatre visit was from a company called Oily Cart (  

Oily Cart reimagines theatre to include all young people. We create interactive, sensory shows that tour across the UK and internationally. Performances use sounds, smells, touch, lights, music and movement, and can take place on a stage, a trampoline, or even up in the air. All our work is made for and with children and young people, regardless of their age or perceived ability.

Children and staff had a wonderful time exploring the cart and enjoying sessions performing with the props or watching staff perform the story. 

Artist collaborations

The art installation ‘Together We Make a Difference’ at the front of school and our beautiful Memory Garden was collaborated on with the artist Michelle Ayavoro, click here to explore the fabulous work going on at HerArt.

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