Teacher for 2023-24 Ben Brown and Charlotte Thomas

Teaching Assistants – Kaydia, Jane & Jess

Personal Support Worker- Vikki



The cubs went into the MUGA to explore weight and size, we pushed different sized ball and lifted tyres – the children were able to use/choose the correct vocabulary to describe the weight of the items but more importantly had lots of fun testing them!

As fox class continue with their theraplay/intensive interaction sessions, we have seen so much pleasure and intrigue from the children – take a look at the photos! These sessions provide an amazing opportunity for children to build relationships with staff and peers and also practise their communication and emotional regulation skills. These are fast becoming our favourite sessions! 

Recently In Drama the children in Fox class began the session with a variety of warm up tasks including changing the tone of their voice and copying a particular sound from the previous person. The adult explained to the children the aim whilst using a combination of different visuals. The warm up task also included body percussion and using facial expression to copy the emotion. 

The children laughed and expressed how much they enjoyed the session. They each are beginning to show how much they are developing in regards to the learnt drama skills. It is also great to see that every child is gaining confidence and social skills.

Article 31: Rest, Play, Culture, Arts

We have been blown away with our foxes in maths this week! This group of children were describing objects in terms of their sizes and also categorising. We even tried to trick the children by adding in some really challenging comparisons but they did it every time! Yaffa was even signing and vocalising her answers – wow!

Fox class have been loving their new text ‘How to Catch a Dragon’

We have been exploring the story in lots of different ways and doing lots of dragon based activities across our literacy, maths and computing sessions. 

What a brilliant start to the new half term foxes!

Our friends at @Pioneer House School have kindly donated lots of hi-vis jackets for us to use in our role play and Lego therapy construction! Thank you for looking after us at The Strawberry Fox Cafe over the past few weeks -we have loved our visits!

Fairytale Thursday! We enjoyed immersing ourselves in our new literacy topic of Fairytales by reading and writing about our favourite stories, visiting Rapunzel’s salon, making porridge for Goldilocks and even a cup of tea for the Kings and Queens! The children in Fox Class loved talking about their favourite fairytales and we can’t wait to get stuck into this topic.

Article 29: I have the right to an education which develops my personality, respect for others’ rights and the environment

…..and the porridge was just right! Some of Fox Class used their measuring skills to make the perfect bowl of porridge. We measured the oats and poured the milk before warming it to the perfect temperature for Goldilocks! We even added some syrup to make it extra tasty.

Staff were particularly impressed with Adam-Ryan for tasting the porridge!

Article 6: I should be supported to live and grow

Fox class have been busy getting into the Christmas spirit! 🎅🏻 🎄Following a festive trip to Chester, we have decorated our Christmas tree, wrote our Christmas lists and made some melted snowman biscuits!

Chester Cathedral Trip

Fox Class and some children from Owl class had a great time in Chester . We started by exploring the Chester Cathedral , looking at all the Christmas decorations and lucky for us it was a Christmas tree light festival so the Cathedral was full of lit trees which combined with the ancient building made the experience memorable and really stimulating.

The children were fascinated with all the pretty decorations and historic architecture and shared there excitement on our journey.

We also had a little stroll through the Christmas markets and ended the trip with sing along on the way back. It was a lovely experience for us all to share together on the run up to Christmas.

Despite the weather the pupils all excelled, and a thoroughly great day was had by all.

Poetry Competition

We only went and won!! 🎉🏆 some of Fox team entered a poetry competition for National Poetry Day with an Autumn poem that we composed together. We were crowed the KS1-KS2 winners from entries from a number of schools – what an achievement! Robyn came into school today to present us with some certificates and prizes, we were very excited.

Bring on the next competition, we are so very proud of you! 

Each week all the children in Fox class take part in Drama and Literacy sessions. For part of our session, some of the children took part in a dramatised story walk.  The story we looked at was ‘We’re going on a leaf hunt’. The children have began to develop on skills such as using expression, body movements and changing the way they speak when taking part in character activities. They also have started to use their actions to act out the chosen story whilst having lots of fun. They collected leaves of different shapes and sizes whilst taking part and used their imagination on our journey.

Fox class have been enjoying their autumn themed writing sessions based on ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’. We went on our own leaf hunt and wrote words and sentences about our findings, we were able to describe our leaves in terms of their size, colour, texture and shape. We also explored mark making in different sensory materials, we are loving the autumn colours! 

Fox Class are learning about money in maths, we have been shopping in our very own grocery store as well as enjoying a range of different practical and sensory money sessions. We are particularly impressed that the children are using the shop during their own play time to exchange and count money! 

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