Teacher for 2022-23 Kerry Mitchell

Teaching Assistants – Karen, Mel and Jess

Personal Support Worker- Joanne 



Remote learning ideas that link to our current learning in school

Science linked to living things: 

Go on a local walk or a visit and see different animals ; Dunham Massey to see the ducks or the deer, pets comer in Longford Park, Dutton’s Pond to see the ducks or visit a zoo. If you are at home, go on a bug hunt in the garden / pick up stones/ leaves and see if there are some creepy crawlies! Talk about the different animals/ living things. 

Name the items as you find them—use key words to help build vocabulary linked to living things. Touching the animal / living thing whilst hearing/ saying the word will help your child understand make the link between word and the object. Link the sound to the animal if you can.

Smells linked to colour that we will be using during art: 

  • RED: cherry / strawberry + watermelon + sun lotion
  • YELLOW: lemon + saffron + grapefruit
  • BLUE: ocean spray body spray
  • GREEN: cut grass + green tea + kiwi fruit
  • PURPLE: parma violets + lavender
  • ORANGE: orange

Explore some different coloured foods that your child doesn’t normally choose to eat or won’t have explored previously – this could be done with custard, jelly, mushy or garden peas anything goes!!! Try exploring the same foods warm or cold. Have fun! 

Sensory poetry:

Poems are a great way to encourage listening and attention. Allowing your child to listen to your voice and hear the rhythm and rhyme of the poem. Adding a sensory experience linked to the poem enhances understanding and exploration. 

Read the poem; “spaghetti spaghetti”, cook some spaghetti, run it under cold water briefly / add a small amount of olive oil to stop it sticking together. Read the poem as your child explores it at the same time.

Read the poem several times. 

Look at the bottom of the class page for some different poems in a word document.

Sensory exploration:

This is another way to stretch, strengthen and extend range of arm movement and develop finger strength.

Make some moon sand, explore the ingredients, encourage your child to help mix them together. Use single words and name what it is that they are using and the action they are using.

 Watch the link to see how you can make it… two ingredients—flour and baby oil.

Use some different tools from the kitchen to explore it—different sized cups and spoons can be great!


Try a different app that can be used on your tablet/ iPad/ smart phone.

Explore a different website: access some different songs, stories and games.

HelpKidzLearn Website:

Find the Same (Lite) (free)

This app requires visual discrimination/matching of shapes, food, and line drawn animals. Options for background colour and card colour are available.

Sensory snow globe:

Dashing through the snow, snowflakes and snowman – that is it! Great on a sunny hot day with ice cubes and ice lollies!

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