School Council

We are delighted to inform you that during the autumn term 2016 we launched our first ever Delamere School Council!

There are representatives from every class in school and the chosen children have been given a partner from a different class in order to make sure that the needs of all groups, including those with very limited means of expressive communication are thought about & given a voice.

Our school council is one of the vehicles for developing Spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness. Being part of the Delamere School Council helps children develop personal qualities, which are valued in a civilised society; for example, thoughtfulness, honesty, respect for difference, moral principles, independence, and self-respect. At Delamere School we seek to teach these qualities across the curriculum and throughout school life.

In addition, Delamere School Council forms part of childrens’ learning about British Values. We actively support, guide and encourage our pupils to become active citizens in our world by encouraging positive contributions to the school community, local community and to wider society.

School Council Members 2022-23

  • Caterpillar – Aubrey
  • Butterfly – Aireney
  • Badger -Joseph
  • Squirrel – Emile
  • Hedgehog -Zain
  • Fox– Ivy&Callie
  • Owl – Owen
  • Frog – Rhys
  • Rabbit – Saaim
  • Deer – Ruben
  • Ladybird    -Bobby 
  • Woodpecker – Dylan
  • Fox – Ruby

School Council Examine Learning Journeys

Delamere school council met .  Ellis and Cole shared their personal stories.

The members then examined the ways that we celebrate learning at Delamere. We looked at floor books, individual work books and learning journey displays.

Ellis felt that the wall learning journeys were “OK” because they showed what children had been doing. However, he felt that some of the floor books did not have enough work in them.

Edward Tyler and Cole preferred  the individual work books.

Xander felt that they were all amazing.

Kye enjoyed looking at individual workbooks especially 

Thank you to the school council for their input which will be shared with our teachers.

School Council Visit to Pool

Delamere school council conducted a site visit to the new pool yesterday. They are very pleased with the progression. They inspected the changing rooms and the pool itself. Ellis reported it to be “AWESOME!” and many members of the council were impressed by the roof.

Xander asked about the colour of the pool and Glen explained that the tiles will be white but when filled with water it will look blue. Max thought it would be like a river.

Everyone is looking forward to swimming in the new pool. At the next school council meeting the school council will be making decisions about equipment needed for the pool such as toys and woggles.

Thank you to Glen for organising our visit and answering all our questions.

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