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16th September 2022 – Communication Matters

Dear Parents and Carers,

This year we have decided to go back to basics. Our two main focus areas for the year ahead are;

  • Communication
  • Positive Mental Health.

We want all children to eventually develop a functional communication system which then allows them to participate in further learning and the wider world. We know that there is a clear link between the ability to communicate and academic, social and emotional development.

In every class at Delamere there is fantastic work going on to develop the children’s communication skills.

Using our total communication approach, staff may be using objects, symbols, signs and speech to help children make choices, share ideas and express their feelings.

This is the most important aspect of what we do at Delamere, and teachers will make sure that work on communication happens all day, when the children are playing outside, having their lunch, or looking at books.

Your class teacher will be posting on your class page ways you can support your child’s communication development but there are some things that can work for everyone at the early stages of language development;

  1. Play games / have fun – simple games like Peek-a boo, This Little Piggy, Copy Cat are all brilliant to capture your child’s interest and start building communication skills.
  2. Use routines – getting dressed in the morning, bath time, making breakfast are all opportunities to talk to your child using simple, short sentences and help them to learn the words for different things.
  3. Sing songs – nursery rhymes are a great way to develop language skills, particularly action songs such as Head & Shoulders, and Wheels on the Bus.
  4. Look at books together – let your child, choose the book and turn the pages themselves, even if they miss a few, it doesn’t matter, just point and talk about things you see in the pictures.

Every little bit helps, what happens at home is hugely important to a child’s success in school.

Take care until next week.

Sally Judge

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