Teacher for 2022-23 Emily Ritson

Teaching Assistants- Kaydia, Sarah, Rachel & Sarah

Personal Support Worker – Rachelle and Melissa

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Remote learning ideas


Why not have a colour of the day / week. Go on a treasure hunt to find things of your chosen colour – indoors and out. Can you find and try a new food of that colour? Explore play dough in your chosen colour. What art work can you create using paint or pens, or materials in your chosen colour. After you have looked at different colours, why not do some sorting.

Simple Rainbow With Blur Clipart, Vector Clip Art Online, - Rainbow Colours  On Circle, HD Png Download - kindpng


As above, but can you find objects of different shapes? Can you group them together? Are they big or small? How many sides or corners can you count?

shapes clipart - Clip Art Library

Make your own musical instruments! 

If you have any empty bottles, find different things to fill them with to create your own sensory bottles. What different sounds do they make when you shake or bang them? What else can you find that makes a sound when shaken or banged? Can you play along to a favourite song? Can you play slow or fast? Quiet or loud? Can you play games using the commands, stop and go? 

Sensory mark making:

Explore a range of dry sensory media such as flour, rice, couscous or porridge, using hands and fingers to make different marks. Can we make marks side to side? Up and down? Can we make circles? What other marks can we make? Encourage children to pick up and hold different tools, which can be cutlery or sticks or brushes, and use them to make marks in the different media. Add water to change the texture of the media and see if we show you any preferences. Encourage children to look at the marks they are making. 

Sensory art linked to printing

Using familiar equipment from around the house, particularly kitchen implements, explore making prints. This is a great activity for reach, grasp and release work. Using vegetables and fruit Is a great idea for printing too, and will help us to develop our tolerance for handling new and different foods.

Play dough:

This is great for fine motor skills and building strength in our hands as well as further supporting us in building our tolerance to different textures.

Make your own play dough, exploring the wet and dry ingredients and using kitchen equipment to pour and mix. Add different textures and spices in.

Using videos and songs from YouTube, encourage us to splat, roll, prod, squeeze and stretch the playdough. Can we push objects into the play dough to make prints and shapes? 


This is also a great way to develop fine motor skills! Use small cups/ jugs/ bottles and pour water from one container to another. What happens if you drop stones in the water? Do you have an old shampoo bottle that can be filled with water for them to squeeze? Great for cause and effect! All this supports work on filling and emptying.

Water play is also great for intensive interaction. Watch your child and follow their lead, they splash – you splash – how do they respond? Can you make it into a turn-taking game? What happens if you use different temperature water or add some ice? Explore with both hands or feet! 

Music and movement activities:

get moving! We love action songs – use hand over hand to support us in doing the different actions. We particularly like ones where we have to find different parts of our bodies. This also encourages stretching and extending their range of arm movement which can also be linked to push and pull activities:

Use warm up songs and then explore movement: 

iPad Apps

See Flo Longhorn document for some great app ideas: special apps for very sensory learners on the class page. 

We particularly like number and alphabet games, and any music games where we like to explore cause and effect.

Why not try a clay session at home:

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