Teacher for 2023-24 Corin Travis

Teaching Assistants- Lyndsey, Louise & Sarah

Personal Support Worker – Jo

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Class updates:

We started this terms ‘Fun with food’ session looking at the different fruits from the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’. The children started off by touching and smelling the fruits before we cut them up to try. The children enjoyed feeling the exotic fruits such as passion fruit and avocado to feel the different textures. Pineapple was a big hit when tasting with lots of the children requesting more. Passion fruit and Avocados weren’t a favourite which Andrea described as “Yucky”. Well done for trying new foods Deer class!

In Art Deer class have been exploring Plaster of Paris for their focus on 3D structures. We used our hands and paint brushes to spread water over the plaster to create our own plant pots. The children enjoyed feeling the new texture when the plaster became wet. Next week we will be decorating our plant pots once they are dry.

Deer class have loved spending time outdoors during outdoor learning. The children have been practicing their gross motor skills riding the bikes and scooters as well as on the swing. We have also been exploring the different areas climbing on logs and splashing in the water.

In Deer class we use attention games to help develop the children’s focus, joint attention and began to develop turn taking.  After exploring a range of interesting and exciting items revealed from a box we then went on to take turns to make rainbows.  Lots of attention and focus from the children well done Deers. 

In our 3D art sessions Deer class have been looking at building our own large sculptures. We painted big boxes different colours and then worked together to create our own sculptures.

Deers fruit of the week is Tomato. We started off by exploring the whole tomato with our hands and then using knives to cut them up to see what’s inside. The children used their senses to taste, feel and smell the tomato. We then made our own pizzas using our skills to cut, spread and sprinkle cheese. During afternoon snack we each tried our own pizzas which some of us enjoyed.

Deer class have really enjoyed going on their first local walk in the community. We used binoculars to look around the environment and to spot the shapes we could see.

Deer class have started off the new half term looking at the story ‘The Snowy Day’ The children listened to the story using lots of sensory props and then moved on to do their literacy mark making. Some of the children enjoyed making marks in the flour using their fingers and pencils, focusing on making horizontal and vertical lines. Other children matched pictures to pictures and followed different lines using pens and pencils.

In Art Deer class have been looking at fireworks and the different colours they make. The children used edible paint to make their own firework bread. We also created firework paintings using paper tubes to create the effect. All the children enjoyed exploring the colours and mixing.

Deer class have spent the afternoon exploring and decorating pumpkins in outdoor learning. We used stickers to put faces onto our smaller pumpkins and then explored the inside of a big pumpkin which we carved.  The children also loved getting messy and jumping in muddy puddles together!

As part of our Autumn topic in science Deer class have been making our own scarecrow. We read ‘Scarecrows Wedding’ exploring all the different elements of the story and then we all worked together to create our own class Scarecrow. 

Deer class need help picking a name for him! Leave suggested names in the comments below.

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