Research Project

Transition Research Project

Making a Difference to KS2/3 Transition in Trafford 2019 – 2021

Delamere is taking part in this transition project and is working closely with Pictor Academy and Manor Academy. We are working towards:

  • Building stronger, more effective working relationships between Delamere and Manor Academy.
  • Deepen our understanding of the demands at the next phase of education and to build on our teaching skills and knowledge to ensure greater continuity and progression for our pupils.
  • Improve transition arrangements for our pupils and their families

The project will run for two years, from June 2019 – July 2021. The project is led by Karen Harris and her team from Trafford Educational Psychology Service (TEPS].

Research Project with TTSA and Manchester University

In 2019 Delamere School undertook a research project to fine out the impact of outdoor learning on pupil’s with a behaviour support plan.

Please see our results poster below with our findings.

In 2017, Delamere undertook a research project to investigate the impact of regular access to a sensory circuit on learning and behaviour. As a result, the sensory circuit is now set up permanently for children with autism and sensory anomalies.

Teaching staff, the head of Structured Learners and our sensory lead work together to assess the sensory needs of the children and develop a personalised sensory programme to support regulation and improve ability to focus on learning.

Please see our results poster below with our findings.

Sensory Integration

Children displaying sensory differences will have data collected in the form of; observations in at least three different environments; background information and reports from other professionals and completion of a Sensory Processing Measure form by key staff. This information will inform the use of strategies and resources to trial and successful strategies will be included in a consistent, structured timetable including priority targets for the individual based on their sensory needs.

Sensory Playground Equipment

Children also have access to sensory regulation equipment in our specially adapted playground. Equipment includes a pendulum swing, sunken trampoline and climbing net which provide integral vestibular and proprioceptive input to support readiness for learning.

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