Teacher for 2023-24 Amy Burt

Teaching Assistants – Aimee and Katrina and Fiona

Personal Support Worker – Janet

Squirrel Class Updates :

During Literacy week this week, Squirrel Class have been taking part in lots of literacy themed activities,

We took a walk to Woodsend Library with some of our friends from Owl Class to enjoy some shared reads. We shared lots of different books from various genres.📚👬

On Thursday, during World Book Day we had so much fun getting involved in all things reading. We did a character parade with Hedgehog class, book share with peers, den story time with Ben and learning laps dressed as out favourite book characters. It was so much fun!🏕

To end our week, we went on a nature walk in the local area and used our senses to inspire our poetry writing skills. We aim to use our inspirations to plan and create our own poems.🌳🍂

Keep your eyes peel for the finished results!👀

Article 13 (freedom of expression) Every child must be free to express their thoughts and opinions and to access all kinds of information, as long as it is within the law.

Article 23 (children with a disability) A child with a disability has the right to live a full and decent life with dignity and, as far as possible, independence and to play an active part in the community. Governments must do all they can to support disabled children and their families.

Article 31 (leisure, play and culture) Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

In music Squirrel class have been busy,  rapping, singing and breakdancing. The class have been very creative. The whole class got involved and have made a very special and exciting rap song. Our super talented music teacher “Beth” helped the children compose the song and create a video. Everyone chose an instrument they wanted to use and what part of the song they wanted to perform. Keep your eyes peeled for our number one hit song !!

wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

This week Squirrel class turned into scientists. They worked in groups and named their teams different scientists. Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton working in their teams they followed instructions and made some predictions. After the experiment they looked up some interesting facts about each scientist .Each team stood up in front of the whole class and spoke about their experiments. Building communication with each other and making predictions.

In the Rights Respecting Squad children discussed what they could do to support children’s mental health.

The children decided getting out in the local community and doing some litter picking was a good choice.

Squirrel class took this on board and went out in the local area to collect litter. They worked together in small groups to make a real difference. The children also got a chance to spend some time in the fresh air and to chat with their peers. 

In our communication session today, the Squirrel class had to become under water explorers. Working in a team they had to find out what was going on under the sea water. Describing different fish and objects to each other. 

The Drama workshop this week involved the children in Squirrel class taking part in a variety of warm up activities. The current focus is to help each of the children get into character. To maintain facial expressions and to develop confidence by interacting as a whole group in games that may take them out of their comfort zone. 

What was great to see, is that some children who are quite shy really pushed themselves and were encouraged to express themselves through body movements or changing the tone and pitch of their voices. One game in particular that the children expressed that they enjoyed was a game that involved being aware of your surroundings and listening to what was happening in the environment whilst doing some detective work by guessing who was the culprit of an act to try and stay in the game. The children had a great time and asked if we could do this particular exercise again.

Article 31- Rest, play, cultural, arts:Every child has the right to rest, relax, play and to take part in cultural and creative activities

Squirrel class had an excellent splash session today. The children worked hard on their coordination skills , gross and fine motor skills.  After all their hard work they had some time to enjoy the pool and play some games with their friends. 

*Enjoyment- being in the water, opportunity of play.

Squirrel class were invited to attend a sports afternoon with Urmston Meadowside SEN football.

The sessions are focused on building confidence, motor skills, fitness, teamwork and communication.

The children and adults had a great time. The children received a medal and a certificate.

Squirrel class have been working extremely hard in PE, they have been practising moving in different ways around the room and over apparatus.  They hopped, rolled and jumped to move across the apparatus.

They had to really focus and use there co ordination skills to stay balanced.

Article 23 – Education must develop every child’s personality talents and ability to the full. 

Squirrel Class have had an amazing morning in the pool, working on some important target whilst having so much. They have all worked extra hard to improve their swimming skills with some fantastic bubble blowing, splashing, kicking and floating!

Article 23 (children with a disability) A child with a disability has the right to live a full and decent life with dignity and, as far as possible, independence and to play an active part in the community. Governments must do all they can to support disabled children and their families.

Article 29 (goals of education) Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

Squirrel class have been looking at observational drawings.  They looked at the different colours of the plants and textures. They used chalks and pastels to recreate their own real-life drawings.  We displayed their wonderful artwork in our classroom. What do you think ? 

This half term, squirrel class are looking at the book ‘The Tiger Child’. For this the classroom was transformed into a jungle. 

During our lessons, the children enjoyed a variety of activities based around the jungle and jungle animals. We discussed and wrote about what we might see in the jungle, we had a look at the national geographic website on the iPads and we made our own jungle animals using recycled bottles and craft paper. 

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