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In Caterpillar, we are exploring the theme of Space. In dough disco, we have made some aliens by using our fine motor skills to manipulate the dough, and to push different items such as eyes, cotton buds and pipe clearers into the dough to create facial features, arms, legs and antennas! We had lots of fun.

In PE, we are developing our ball skills through pushing, rolling, kicking and throwing. We loved throwing a range of balls into a target and rolling them down chutes. We noticed that if the chute was steeper, the balls moved faster. We positioned the chute ourselves to make to make the balls roll fast becuase we enjoyed this the most. We also enjoyed rolling a ball down a chute into some large skittles to knock them over. We did some great waiting and turn taking

In caterpillar, we have been using our sensology lessons to explore with all our senses. We have enjoyed shaking and banging a range of instruments and listening to the sounds they make and looking in mirrors to find the different parts of our faces. We have been smelling, touching and tasting some bitter and sweet food items, and exploring the touch of different textures in books and of sensory objects. We were even given some massages! As well as having lots of fun in our sessions, we were also able to show the adults some of our likes and our dislikes and using a range of strategies to show that we would like ‘more.’

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