Inclusion Projects

Delamere and Woodhouse School Inclusion Project 

Delamere School were overjoyed to be reunited with Woodhouse Primary after a tricky couple of years for our sports inclusion project.

What is our sports inclusion project?

The aim of this project is to improve social skills, teamwork, honesty, self-belief, respect physical and mental wellbeing through the power of sport. Each week the two schools would meet up and play different sports whilst getting to know each other.

Children played games and sports that allowed them to use their communication and social skills to problem solve, compromise, turn take and discuss tactics. They played a variety of sports such as boccia, New Age Kurling, hockey, football and archery. Over the weeks they learnt to use skills that involved having to use power and accuracy such as New Age Curling, archery, Polly bat and bowling. It was lovely to see children sharing strategies and giving helpful hints to each other such as “try moving your hand like this to hold your stick properly.”

Pupils showed great enthusiasm and passion for sport by showing determination to win and showing plenty of resilience for sports that they may not have tried before or sports that might have not been their main strength. Pupils of Delamare always looked forward to having their friends of Woodhouse come round and were very keen on finding out which sports/ activities we would be doing that afternoon.

It has been a very successful 10 weeks with Woodhouse Primary School and the confidence within pupils from both schools has grown week by week. They have made some great friendships along the way, and we hope to meet again soon.

What do our pupils think of it?

“I really enjoyed playing hockey the most”

“I liked all of it”

“I liked making new friends”

“Your school is the best ever”

“I like having the children of Woodhouse come round”

I have made lots of new friends here.

We’re really going to miss everyone at Delamere

I have really enjoyed it!

I have learnt new sports such as Boccia and New Age Kurling.

That was a really good shot, well done.

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