‘Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves, instead of more like everyone else’

Sydney Gurewitz Clemens

Creativity is a vital part of our pupils’ daily routine here at Delamere.  That is experienced through visual arts, music, dance and theatre. We support our children to explore all avenues of creativity to develop their confidence, personalities and individual talent.  Take a look through the art tabs to see some of the marvellous projects we have embarked on..

Rights of a Child – Article 29 (goals of education) Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full. It must encourage the child’s respect for human rights, as well as respect for their parents, their own and other cultures, and the environment.

Visual Arts at Delamere

Delamere School aims to provide an excellent creative curriculum for the children and last year appointed Rachael Addis as their school artist in order to help achieve this. Rachael is a professional artist based at Rogue Artist Studios in Manchester, she taught in Further Education for over 18 years and brings a wealth of experience to Delamere. As part of her role at the school Rachael has been working with children to achieve the Discover Arts Award. She is leading the “Arty Crew”, visual arts play therapy sessions. . Rachael works with class groups, small groups and individual pupils and brings exciting and engaging opportunities for children to express themselves though art, explore their own talents and fully achieve their artistic potential! Have a look at what we have been getting up to in our art sessions.

You can view Rachael’s Art on the website below


Welcome to the Jungle!

Take a look at our latest installation by Lotte Karlsen. Children across school worked with Lotte to create vibrant 2D and 3D pieces of art which have transformed the corridor to our Engine Room & pool! Thanks Lotte for your inspiration, enthusiasm and hard work on this wonderful space. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Manchester Open Home exhibition

We are so proud to announce that Damaris has had a piece of artwork accepted for the Manchester Open 2022 HOME exhibition next year! She worked on an Arts Award project last term which focussed on Identity. Her self-portrait in colour - made using a photo she took of herself and traced on a lightbox using felt tip pens - will be displayed at the HOME gallery next year, alongside hundreds of Manchester artists.

For more information about the exhibition and event follow the link - https://submission-dates-announced-for-manchester-open-exhibition-2022/ and be sure to visit next year to see her beautiful piece of art!

Well done Damaris! #McrOpen2022

Learning Disability Week 

We love The Arts at Delamere! It gives our children a voice and is a motivating tool for communication and learning. MENCAP's learning disability week had a focus on creativity this year and so our children were supported to make a video all about the arts at Delamere and how it makes them feel.

Check it out here.

For more information on Mencap click the following link -

Exciting News! 

Our First pupil completes Arts Explore Level

Art Star! Emile is the first pupil at Delamere to successfully completes his Arts Award Explore project. Emile worked so hard on the project despite the pandemic, it took a long time to all come together, but he was so patient and enthusiastic. Emile focussed his project on stop motion animation and his favourite cartoon characters. He visited the Whitworth Gallery with some of his friends for an animation workshop last year, and he made his own mini films. Such hard work Emile — you should be very proud of yourself!

Our New Yoyoi Kusama lantern Installation.

Our Yayoi Kusama inspired lanterns have been installed in school by artist Lotte Karlsen, they are hung up high under our glass atrium. We've had some lovely responses from the children so far , some stopped in their tracks as they saw them and took time starring up at the shapes and colours. Hamza seemed particularly interested in them - smiling and vocalising as he looked up. There is also a new display up with photos of us working on the lanterns during the workshop and some interesting Yayoi Kusama facts. We hope to be working again with Lotte on some different projects in the future.

For some inspiration have a look at  Lotte Karlson's  work from Alexandra Arts

We had a visit from a local artist Lotte Karlsen this week to work on a group art project. Pupils were introduced to the famous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who has dedicated her life's work to dots and spots. Using this as inspiration children were supported to decorate rice paper lanterns with dot stickers. Pupils were really engaged with the activity; they appeared to enjoy picking out which size lanterns to use and then which colour and size stickers. Polly was curious about why Yayoi Kusama's traditional parents wanted her to stay as a housewife instead of following her dream of becoming an artist - we discussed how things were very different for women in the 1950s! Mason said he felt so relaxed and happy when he was sticking the stickers on, he said he wanted to make a shield of colour on his lantern and asked his friends to work with him to create his vision. D'Moy was very interested in how the lanterns were constructed, he looked at the instructions and made three independently for his friends. It was an opportunity for some excellent communication and team work. Even pupils that may sometimes struggle with a change of routine or a new face responded positively to this activity.

Have a look below at what we did..

Making 3D Art

Mud, mud, glorious mud! Ladybird and Bumblebee class have been exploring making transient 3D art with mud. Starting with a pile of dry soil they chose whether to add water to it or keep it dry. They also chose whether to add sticks , leaves and stones to create different forms. We had faces, hedgehogs , mud houses and mud men. Some children just enjoyed spraying and poking the mud and squeezing it through their fingers. Even children that struggle with getting their hands dirty were fascinated with how the water changed the soil's texture and focused on using tools to pat, dig and move it around.

 Our Arts Installation

The children from Delamere enjoyed using their skills and knowledge of shape, tessellation and symmetry in order to create a sculpture for the front of school.

They used the inspiration of our school moto "Together We Make a Difference".

Take a look at the finished result in the video below of the great work they have done together.  The installation at the front of school was by Michelle Ayavoro from HerArt  -


Delamere has been accredited with the Silver Artsmark Award

Well done to all our pupils and staff for their creativity and hard work in gaining this recognition from Artsmark.  We will continue to challenge and inspire to reach the next level on our Artsmark journey.  

Click on the Artsmark tab for more information on how we achieved our award. 

Our Memory Garden

During the autumn term 2017 Delamere School participated in a collaborative Arts project focused around our memory garden. The theme chosen by our school council was “Celebration of Life”, and the work produced by the children was used to create a stunning visual art installation which has transformed that area in school. 

Local Artist, Michelle Ayavoro from  HerArt installed the art work in our new Memory Garden-

See the finished result in our video below..

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