Communication in the Community

“We’re helping the community…we’re changing the world!”

Polly Squirrel Class

Some of our pupils took the first step in what we hope will be the start of something incredible! They visited three cafés in our local area and asked them if they would help us on our quest to make our community more communication friendly.

The girls eloquently explained the importance of being able to support those who have communication difficulties and told the staff that “we all have a right to a voice”.

All three venues in Urmston agreed to display our visual communication supports and the staff at Lily’s at Eden and Sainsburys were fantastic when it came to supporting the children to use the visuals to order some drinks and snacks. Having this support enabled the girls to be independent and had a great impact on confidence and self-esteem. Kenzi said “I did it!”

If you visit Costa Lily’s Cafe or Sainsburys café in Urmston make sure to tag us on our Social Media pages of you using our communication supports! We can’t wait to see and hear about all your fantastic communication in the community.

Ladybird class communication at the supermarket!

Ladybirds are continuing to practise their communication in the community. We took a visual shopping list to our local Tesco, which encouraged us to be more independent and talk about what we needed to find next. We were all excited to have our own list and when we found the items on them!

Owl Class

As part of our communication in the community, some of the Owls visited Flixton train station to talk about what we could see and hear. Sebastian and Kye both heard the train before they could see it and looked in its direction and Kulsoom loved the loud noise of the train pulling up! We also heard the train announcements, doors beeping and the conductors whistle!  We are working on adding ” I see”, “I hear” and “I want” to our phrases and this was a great opportunity to do this in a different setting. 

Learning Signalong at the Farm!

Rabbit class have been talking all about what we can see and hear at Wythenshawe Park. Two of our future Signalong Champions have been learning lots of new signs- they can remember and use the signs correctly each time we visit!

Communicating for different purposes.

During our weekly communication in the community sessions, we have been working on our individual targets. Kulsoom is working on identifying what she can see and hear and Damaris is working on giving her opinions on different things. Kulsoom used the communication iPad to say she could see the “horse eating ” and Damaris told us that she thought the horse was big and that it was wearing a pretty coat.

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