New Starters

Top Tips for Starting Delamere

In preparation for starting at Delamere it would be great if you consider the following:

  • My child has been familiarised with the toilet/potty e.g. they have sat on a potty, they are able to access to the toilet.
  • My child has been given the opportunity to use cutlery and an open cup
  • My child has been given the opportunity to play alongside another child.
  • My child has been exposed to a wide variety of foods
  • My child has been given the opportunity to walk holding the hand of an adult
  • My child has been given the opportunity to make choices at home

What should I send in to school with my child?

  • A spare set of clothes, including socks which are all labelled
  • A puddlesuit/waterproof all in one and wellies
  • A swimming kit which should include swim nappy, towel and costume
  • A PE kit (Reception onwards)
  • Nappies and wipes if your child requires them
  • Any feeding or medical equipment that your child may need whilst in school
  • If your child will only drink from a specific cup or bottle please send one in

What should my child wear to school?

  • Your child can wear school uniform, but it is not compulsory in Nursery. Some parents find that this is a good object of reference so that their child knows where they are going, especially if your child attends two settings.
  • Clothes that are easy to take on and off eg joggers, leggings.
  • Clothes that you don’t mind getting messy! We do lots of sensory play and although we encourage children to wear aprons some find them uncomfortable.
  • Nappies rather than pull ups-some children find being changed distressing and nappies are easier and quicker to remove.

What should I expect when my child first starts?

  • We will start by building up positive relationships with your child
  • We will spend lots of time observing your child in order to find out their interests, motivators, strengths and areas for development
  • We will introduce your child to a wide range of high-quality resources, activities and experiences
  • We will share information with you, such as class timetable, newsletter, communication strategies. You will be provided with a ParentMail  log on within the first couple of days of your child starting. You will also be provided with a log on for Evisense which is your child’s learning journey.
  • You will be invited to our ‘Delamere Let’s get started’ parent group.

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