Sensory Impairment Team

Working in Partnership with Trafford Sensory Impairment Support Service (TSISS) and Delamere School

Above are some of the Teachers of Visually Impaired and one of the Teachers of the Deaf from TSISS who work within Delamere School.

  • TSISS has an important role in specialised assessment leading to the identification of specific sensory impairment needs. We aim to contribute through our advice towards a pupil’s individual educational plan which will collaboratively define priorities and strategies to meet needs as well as helping towards the process by which progress will be reviewed.
  • Most of the children with a sensory impairment are well known to TSISS before the age of 2 because of their strong working links with colleagues in the multi-agency teams in the local community.
  • Teachers from TSISS and Delamere school staff draw on each other’s knowledge and expertise in order to develop individual sensory programmes for the benefit of the child. Two-way communication and exchange of ideas between service and school staff is essential.

TSISS are looking at functional vision/ hearing – that is, vision and hearing for ‘doing’, in particularly, communication. This means any remaining vision/ hearing, no matter how little, which may add to the pupil’s experiences, enjoyment and learning about the world. This includes vision which is so poor as to enable the pupil to tell only light from darkness and making the most of any residual hearing to perceive sounds.

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