Delamere Awarded ?Advanced Status from NAS

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Amid these very strange circumstances, we are pleased to announce that, following our review in February 2020, Delamere School have officially been awarded “Advanced Status” in the NAS Autism Accreditation.


Key Findings

What the provision does particularly well


What stood out as particular strengths:


  • Underpinning teaching and learning is an emphasis on the development of communication.


  • Engaging and motivating lessons are differentiated to provide opportunities for children to be challenged and to experience a sense of completion and achievement.


  • Sensory circuits are established working practices and form a regular part of individual programmes. In addition other sensory based activities that have a positive impact on pupils are clearly identified through the schools sensory assessment system.


  • Emotional regulation approaches are used in school to give pupils a means to identify, label and share their feelings. Strategies to help pupils to self-regulate are linked to different feelings.


  • The school provides excellent support for autistic families. Families are supported before, during and after diagnosis. Parents and carers are provided with support, advice, and training and there are high satisfaction and engagement levels.


What else the provision does well:


  • The school is recognised as a community hub school for training, outreach and advice and evidence shared in the format of evaluations supports the view that practice in this area is valued.


  • The assessment team recognise the school’s commitment to inquiry based practice and willingness to trial new developments in the field of autism.


  • The school have a proactive Parent Council who work in collaboration with the school and who engage in consultation.



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